Ian James Corlett's

The journey of a humble 1966 Porsche 912 from backyard beater to a 100% electric vehicle.


Once I rescued my car from the welder-mad druggie, I bit the bullet and sent it to a REAL body and paint shop.  When I met Martin (pronounced Marteen) at AZ Street Customs, I knew I was in safe hands.  The pony-tailed rapid-fire talking Argentinian took all my listening skills to understand, but I felt safe when he said, "We can do anything you want... Eeets just METAL."

So, another eight months pass... And in that time we had to redo many things.  Get EVERY piece of chrome re-plated. Install all new rubber.  Straighten the car.  Oh, and also we needed to order and install a complete set of floorboard metal (to replace the chicken wire and sheet metal welded in by Kracky-McCrackhead)

Ultimately, we had a beautiful paint job.