Ian James Corlett's

The journey of a humble 1966 Porsche 912 from backyard beater to a 100% electric vehicle.


Finally, we were ready to install the new electric guts.  At this point it was trucked over to TODD BARLOW of GREEN MOTORS in Phoenix.  Todd was awesome throughout this whole ordeal.  He was very involved from the beginning, and he patiently waited MONTHS for the car to arrive.  

I had planned to start the project using lead acid batteries to keep the initial costs down.  So, we installed a coil-over suspension (using Boxster components) so that once that first set of lead acid batteries were worn out I could "upgrade" to Lithium ion batteries and then lower the suspension to compensate for the weight loss... cool plan huh?  Sadly, I pre-purchased all those lead-acid batteries at the start of the project.  They died along the way with no hopes of jumpstarting them.  May they rest in peace.

Todd did the bulk of the work on this project.  He engineered it, assembled all the body bits and pieces once it came from Marteeeen, installed the suspension, gauges, and custom built all the battery racks.  Like I said, he was awesome.  If you have a project GO SEE HIM! (link above) 

​PS - so glad we changed to lithium ion.  The lead acids looked weird and by necessity would hang down under the rear apron