Ian James Corlett's

The journey of a humble 1966 Porsche 912 from backyard beater to a 100% electric vehicle.


So here it is in all its glory.  Once I got it home I added a big-a$$ sound system, custom gauges (for the EV bits of the car  - one up top where the gas gauge once was, and a laser-cut aluminum beauty where the radio once resided).  We put on Michelin low rolling resistance tires to maximize the range, which is approx 120 kilometres.  I had the original wooden wheel completely restored, as well as a custom-made new wooden shift knob, new leather pad for the "puck" horn, and of course, the ubiquitous personalized license plate!  I also love Todd's placement of the J1772 EV charging plug.  Installed right where the fuel-filler used to be!  READY FOR THE CAR SHOWS!